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Ministry of Silly Walks (by Kickads GmbH)
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Veröffentlicht: 21.04.2023

Arbeitsort: 10115 Berlin


Thanks for checking out our job description for our (Junior) Co-Founder*in / Entrepreneur*in in Residence roles at Ministry of Silly Walks Ventures.

More about Sillywalks

At Sillywalks we’re developing and launching business models we believe make total sense in this complex and exciting and ever-evolving society. We believe in serving people or the planet with our ventures instead of making the rich richer. We absolutely believe in team work instead of hierarchies, not an empty phrase, we love to see everybody thrive and fulfil their dreams with us. We believe everybody has a talent, a point of view, a history and are always curious to deep dive into different perspectives as a team for the best possible outcomes. We try to always stay ahead of market and include the many exciting trends into our business strategies such as the many concepts within the crypto world, the highly interesting trend of owner-based businesses or the simply mind blowing possibilities of the metaverse.

And yes more practically: We have a proven track record of building successful and profitable companies, mainly in the field of consumer brands and services. We strongly believe that advertising how it is still being done is a dead horse and just waiting for (our)

There are big challenges a-plenty as we scale up and evolve, which are going to require some talented folks to solve.


A brief overview of what you will be doing here:

We’re looking for someone that is a strategic executor.

This is the first Entrepreneur in Residence role at Sillywalks and as such you’ll have the opportunity, freedom, and resources, to shape the role and function.

  • You'll make one of our proven ventures your baby and will be responsible for it's growth and further development
  • You’ll be responsible for articulating the value proposition and defining the positioning
  • You’ll work collaboratively with us to drive awareness, understanding and market adoption
  • You’ll use your stakeholder management skills to ensure that everyone in the company is on message
  • You’ll define, test and deeply understand our target audience and conduct ongoing research to uncover new insights that inform our product and marketing strategy
  • You’ll own the creation of marketing and sales materials, host webinars, speak with analysts, interview customers and build strategies. Really the full gamut of B2B/B2C Marketing


You should join us if:

  • You are keen to grow beyond your wildest imagination and always love to try new things. We can teach you skills and best practices. An open mind and curiosity is really almost all we need from you.
  • You are not afraid of doing mistakes or telling us where we go wrong
  • You are a fast thinker and have a creative outside the box mindset
  • You are never tired of reading and staying up to speed with market trends and learning new things
  • You love growing your network and interact with people whoever whereever whenever
  • You’re comfortable taking ownership and love moving between strategy and execution, this is a hands-on role
  • You’re comfortable in a remote-first environment

You shouldn’t join us if (we want to be as honest and transparent as we can):

  • You value stability in a product and company, over change and fast-growth
  • You shy away from candour and fast-paced environments
  • You prefer structure and getting told what to do


Why Sillywalks?

  • We’re revolutionising an out-of-date trillion dollar market. This means we’re reimagining what advertising can and should look like - and you can be a part of that
  • We’re a highly experienced founder team with a large network and proven track record
  • We’re an innovation-bent and product-obsessed team (who don’t
    take ourselves too seriously)
  • Our Async work environment offers more flexibility, less pressure, and a better work-life balance
  • We are a remote-first company offering even more flexbility
  • We’ve always optimised for quality over quantity with everything we do
  • We offer lofty progression opportunities for all Sillywalkers
  • We’re clear on our mission to enable innovators no matter what age, heritage, gender,
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