Entrepreneur in Residence (m/w/d)

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soonami.io GmbH
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Veröffentlicht: 07.07.2023

Arbeitsort: 10115 Berlin

Who is this position ideally for?

  • Tech founders looking for funding - web3 or AI or Gaming space
  • Business founders looking for funding - web3 or AI or gaming space
  • Developers looking to upskill or network globally and gain CTO experience
  • Developers looking to startup (while continuing their 9-5 job)

soonami is looking for founders interested in Web3 or AI or gaming technologies, for early-stage projects. The vetting process for this position is 12-15 weeks. After the 12-15 program you will be taken to the Investment Committee stage and if you clear, you get $125k as funding from the soonami ecosystem to launch your startup

A project that we have funded in the past?

AuditOne has successfully moved out of the soonami ecosystem and raises 800k Euro recently.

Is this a paid position?

  • For a bit, yes - then you have to raise funding (which we will facilitate)
  • After an initial vetting process (which lasts 10 days), if you’re chosen for the program, you have to enrol with us as a team of two co-founders (not more members, not less) and go through a 12-week program
  • During the above three months, you will be paid a stipend.
  • $1k/ month/member (for a three month period: July - Sept 2024) - During this period you can continue with your existing job/other assignments
  • After three months, if you’ve shown progress depending on feedback given to you, you will be taken to the Investment Committee
  • If the committee approves, you’re granted $125k from the soonami ecosystem. At this stage you need to give your startup full-time commitment.


  • After your join Application gets accepted and you proceed to the next step, you'll have to apply for the soonami Venturethon, which is a second process to vet candidates
  • Fill out your form on app[.]foundance[.]org/events/soonami-cohort-4
  • The above is necessary for shortlisting
  • It's a 12-15 week process
  • You're supposed to have an idea in the web3 or Gaming space and build part of the MVP/basic framework in a 10-day sprint, then improve the product in 8-10 weeks depending on the feedback you receive from us


Expertise in any of the below.


  • Blockchain Development
  • Decentralized Application (DApp) Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Web Development Skills
  • Understanding of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)




  • A great platform where your startup finds boost
  • You will get a monthly stipend of $1K/ month/member for a team of two people for three months.
  • A certificate of completion of the EIR program
  • Funding potential available of upto $125k for those who stick around for the 8-15 weeks EIR program and ace the IC (Investment Committee)

Your Team

  • If you have an existing co-founder/team, they can continue to work with you
  • You can also look for a co-founder from the soonami community. We can assist with this process

Ventures we have funded

  • AuditOne
  • unbounded.dao
  • Foundance
  • Rethink Finance
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