Entrepreneur in Residence (m/w/d)

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soonami.io GmbH
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Veröffentlicht: 07.07.2023

Arbeitsort: 10115 Berlin

Soonami is looking for Co-Founders interested in Web3 or AI technologies, for early stage projects.

In order to be considered for the position, you should participate in one of the soonami venturethon which takes place from 11 March. You can be a part of this venturethon even with a job- that is how we have designed it.

Co-Founders will take responsibility for a variety of greenfield tasks, including product development, roadmap creation, strategy development, tech considerations, audience research, and more. Successful candidates will build and grow a network within the relevant industry and community and have first-hand entrepreneurial experience working in early-stage startups.


  • Actively network and build, build, build
  • Start building your startup from Day 1
  • Be active in greenfield tasks (product development, roadmap, strategy, tech considerations, audience building, etc)
  • Build an AI tech, or Web3 or blockchain project that disrupts the world
  • Actively seek funding while in the program


  • Motivated individuals with a clear entrepreneurial plan
  • An experience in tech companies or startups is a plus
  • Have taken active steps to work on their startup plan - basically, should be ready to build from Day 1
  • A thirst for networking and upskilling
  • Knowledge of Web3, blockchain technology, AI - an avid coder or business expert
  • Willing to build a Web3 or an AI project from scratch
  • Soft skills such as communication, building interpersonal relationships, etc are a must
  • Strong fluency in English
  • Showcases ability to deliver results
  • Problem-solving skills with the ability to think outside the box

Non-negotiable requirements

  • Apply to soonami Venturethon (our startup launchpad). It serves as a vetting process for this position. You will apply under the “EIR” track for the venturethon.
  • Stick with an 8-15 week program post-April 2 (when the Venturethon ends) to raise $125k from the soonami ecosystem/external investors


  • A great platform where your startup finds boost
  • You will get a monthly stipend of 2K euros/ month for a team of two people for three months.
  • A certificate of completion of the EIR program
  • Funding potential available of upto $125k for those who stick around for the 8-15 weeks EIR program and ace the IC (Investment Committee)
  • Expert mentorship and networking opportunities
  • A chance to grow your project by gaining diverse expert advice
  • Access to soonami’s ecosystem of investors and mentors
  • A chance to leverage our 60+ Years of cumulative experience in founding, scaling and successfully exiting multiple companies that are behind the venture fund

Your Team

  • If you have an existing co-founder/team, they can continue to work with you
  • You can also look for a co-founder from the soonami community. We can assist with this process

Ventures we have funded

  • AuditOne
  • unbounded.dao
  • Foundance
  • Rethink Finance
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